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Structural Finance Associates was founded in 2010 to provide smart financial solutions for real estate property owners. We provide financing that allows owners to obtain the energy efficiency capital expenditures they want for their buildings without spending a cent of the capital they need to continue grow their business.


Lowering your energy expenses and increasing your NOI is easier than you ever thought possible. It's our job to help you get your projects financed so that you can reap the rewards of a more efficient, profitable business. Every deal we do is immediately cash flow positive - let us show you how much we can save you.


Our offices are in California but we're doing business all across the country.







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PACE is energy financing for a new era.

Property assessed clean energy (PACE) is a municipally-administrated program that encourages property owners to upgrade their structures to make them more energy and water efficient. First-passed in California in 2008, PACE programs are now law in more than 30 states, with more programs on the way.


Interested in learning more about PACE and how we can help you? Pick the property to the right that best describes you, check out the details below or contact us to find out more.

Getting started with PACE is easier than ever.

Yes, you want to improve your property.  Yes, you want to utilize PACE and have no out of pocket costs. Yes, you want to improve your cash flow. But, you're already too busy. You don’t want to mess with it and the to-do list is too long for your existing employees already.


Our focus is getting things done.  Structured Finance is hands-on and we take you through the entire process.

Is PACE financing available for your property?


We require 4 pieces of information to determine property eligibility for PACE:


  • The owner's name and contact information
  • The address and type of property
  • The approximate dollar amount of the improvements
  • The size of the property's mortgage debt (and who the lender is!)


Normally, within 2 to 3 business days we can tell you whether PACE financing is available and whether Structured Finance is able to provide the financing subject to final credit approval and market conditions.  Please note that Structured Finance’s minimum transaction size is $250,000.


What improvements do you want to make?


Normally a property owner hires an energy consultant to determine the various ways you can improve your property.  (The cost of this consultant can be included in the PACE financing.) You then pick from the menu of opportunities and then proceed to get bids for the improvements.


If you already know what you want then you tell us what you want to do and what the cost is.


The next steps are on us.


Once the improvements are set and you settle on your contractor(s) then Structured Finance goes through a more formal underwriting of your project which normally takes approximately 5 to 7 business days.  We also speak with your lender, with your permission, to explain and get the lender consent from your lender.


The final step is documentation and closing.  Please note that the documentation is standardized and there is no negotiation.  This helps to speed up the process and minimize costs.


Our expertise gets deals done.

In November of 2013 SFA partnered with Hilton Universal City Walk to finance the largest PACE assessment ever. At $7 million the deal financed a complete renovation of the hotel, which installed a variety of energy and water-saving measures from new HVAC fan motors to window tinting, low-flow shower heads and LED lighting.


We're experienced in working with deals of all sizes and are ready to help make sure that your efficiency retrofit, like Hilton's, allows you to get more out of your building than ever before.

$7 million

$1 million

$30+ million


total cost of improvements

total year 1 savings

total property value increase


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